LushBot Info

Lushbot has been created on the idea of a server only requiring a single bot to do all the features you would require, we have worked hard on making it as customisable as possible and offer ongoing support. We record the use of every feature in the hope of website integration, unitl that happens any options you can change can easily be done with the use of a single command. We are only a small team but have alot of ideas for expanding the bot's features which range from automation to fun commands, a list of the major points will be below. Which include BanSync and KickSync.

We value the time people spend with us and helping our community grow, This doesnt go unnoticed by our admins. This can open opprtunites for you to join our team and help with any development projects we have in proccess. And regulation of our community.
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BanSync & KickSync

  • By default this feature is disabled.
  • Block any potential trollers/reaiders.
  • BanSync & KickSync are 2 configurable options which allow LusBot to monitor your server for you, by default the option is disabled when the bot joins your server, this can be changed with the use of a single command and then LushBot does the rest. Should you have these options enabled if a member gets banned in one server as soon as they type in yours they will either be kicked or banned, you will be given the reason why from the logs of the original server. For those who don't understand how this works it is only members in LushBot servers.

    Raid Mode

  • Quickly stop raiders when settings permissions is not possible.
  • Single command and the LushBot does the rest.
  • This is only a temporary solution but proves effective.
  • Raid mode can be configured by typing the raid command, or on the server config command, it is only a temporary solution but has proven to be effective in stopping server raids. To get the full effect of raid mode you need to ensure your server config is correct as soon as you activate raid mode the bot will send a message to the server saying it has been activated and anyone who talks will have their message deleted. Although it allows staff members to talk to get the issue resolved quickly.

    Soon to be added to this feature will be automatic muting and the option for kicking anyone who is beleived to be trolling.

    Support Tickets

  • You decide if your server should use tickets via the server config.
  • Simple ticket system makes it easy to manage.
  • Our ticket system puts you in control, by default the feature is disdabled which is easily changable by your servers administrators. Once a ticket has been created a channel is created in a category to keep everything tidy as there is nothing worse than channel everywhere. A message is sent to the channel for that certain ticket with all the information you need to get the issue resolved, once a ticket is completed you can close it using one command and the channel is deleted to save you time to enjoy your game.

    If you use a ticket system and think it needs improving please feel free to let is know via the LushBot discord server.

    Welcome Messages

  • Totally customizable.
  • We dont want to intrude on how you like your server messages or events to be handled to we have integrated alot of customisation into our server events. For any new members joining you can decide if messages are shown or not and if so what those messages say, it can either be your own words or a neat little welcome message created by us.

    Server Logs & Settings

  • You decide what you want to see with our log config.
  • Specify your own log, welcome, and announcment channels.
  • Make commands use for staff only or block single users with a handy role that we created for you.
  • Our log and event settings allow you to change everything LushBot does in your server, We have all had that one member who spams the !dog command well good news now they cant all you need to do is assign the ignore role created by LushBot and they can no longer use the commands, you can thank us later. Alot of events trigger actions that can be logged, we let you choose between all events, moderation events or simply none at all. Although we do advise the moderation setting for any bans that may occur.

    We have integrated an option for you to use a command built for our own server so you can control people joining your server giving you more control over potential raiders, if you enable the accept command your server is setup in the way the bot requires it to work. When a new member joins they have to ackowledge your server rules by typing !accept in a channel only they can see, should raid mode be active this command is disabled and new members wont be able to join until the raid has been dealt with and the feature disabled.

    Member Profiles And Level System

  • Set your own message
  • Your profile is saved for all of the servers you and our bot is in.
  • XP & Level Saved for individual servers.
  • Once a member joins a server with LushBot a profile and level are created in our databse. The profile is synced accross servers while the level is per server. You can set your own AFK message so if your tagged the LushBot will respond for you, be careful what you set as your message as server admins can change this message should it be unsuitable.