Jobs And Rules

LushLife Rp

LushLife RP Server Rules

  • No modding.
  • You must have a working microphone.
  • Roleplaying any terror related topics will not be tollerated and will result in an imediate ban on both our fivem server and discord.
  • Do not disconnect to avoid any staff actions (This will be classed as strategic logging and result in a temp ban).
  • No exploits, while we are aware of some we are doing our best to stop them.
  • For the use of any vehicles you must have the required licence.
  • While mugging someone you cannot force them to go to a bank or ask for invetory items.
  • We encourage all in game chat to remain as your character, if its urgent you must state its "out of character" or use discord.
  • While we provide the "black market" you are not permitted to drive the vehicles available if caught the vehicles can be impounded and you will be fined.
  • No advertising of any other fivem servers or discord.
  • If you need staff for an incident please use /report for fivem or !report in discord.
  • All rules apply to staff members of LushLife Online.
  • Anybody within the emergency services branch cannot use the sirens to avoid penalty of breaking traffic laws.
  • Futher Information

    Staff members of LushLife Online and LushLife RP are not exempt from these rules and do not require special treatment due to their position. So if an admin is breaking the law take the required action.

    The black market is provided on the basis that such a thing exists in real life. this does not mean you can go around in a tank, If caught you will be prosecuted in the required manner.

    Drug picking and sales are provided on the server, you cannot block other RP players from using this resource either by threats or blocking the area off. If this happens you will be kicked from the server.

    It's not worth disconnecting to avoid staff or RP punishment as we can see all that happens etc: disconnecting to avoid jailtime is pointless as the officer on duty already has processed the request and it will be saved for when you join back.

    We value the time people spend with us and helping our community grow, This doesnt go unnoticed by our admins. This can open opprtunites for you to join our team and help with any development projects we have in proccess. And regulation of our community.

    Jobs And Information

    As this is a British RP server all jobs if applicable etc police, must be carried as in a british way.

    While some server rules state that if your part of a whitelisted job you are required to only play that one server and be on duty at all times. We Do Not take this approach as we believe everyone should experince other RP scenarios outside of the whitelisted job roles. However it would help if there was nobody on for you to cover if possible (you also may be asked to go on duty by server admins as a polite request not an order).


  • The police job is whitelisted and will need to be applied for.
  • Everything is provided for you to carry out your duties as an officer.
  • If the RP scenario requires the use of stingers these must be removed afterwards.
  • Training must be given before any firearms are used.
  • To get a police job you must apply for the postion with one of the discord staff members, we are working on a way to make this eaier.

    If a player or "character" is stopping you from following your duties that fall in-line of Fail RP you must report that user to staff you will need to provide that persons ID and Name.

    Being a police officer doesnt mean you can take advantage of powers, like constant searching of players. To serach a player or their vehicle you must have a valid reason to do so.

    You cannot sit at drug picking spots or selling hotspots, however you may patrol the areas known for selling.

    Being a police officer you can choose the right or wrong path, should you be a corrupt officer and be caught you will be prosecuted as the law states.

    Any person within the police role can request help from server staff with regards to fines and punishment.


  • The paramedic job is whitelisted and will need to be applied for.
  • Everything is provided for you to carry out your duties as a paramedic.
  • The provided items cannot be sold on the street.
  • If a paramedic is called to the scene of a crime you are not authorised to enter the crime scene without permisison from the highest ranking officer on scene.

    Attending any RTC's you should notify the police to accompany you to the scene.

    If a paramedic is called out for an assault they are not required to call the police unless the victim has made the request to do so. Stabbing or a shooting will require the police to be on scene.

    More job information will be added soon.