LushLife RP

What path will you choose...


Join our discord for the server infromation.

There are many jobs to choose from even illegal guns/drugs.

We will be accepting applications soon for our whitelisted jobs.

As this is a new project for us we have left markers on for drug spots, this wont be permanent.

If you have suggestions on ways to improve your RP experience feel free to post it in discord.

Our server is not whitelisted and available for anyone to join.

We will give the first 20 people a joining bonus just to help you out.

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  • - Police (whitelisted)
  • - Paramedic (whitelisted)
  • - Mechanic
  • - Estate Agent
  • - Fisherman
  • - Taxi Driver
  • - Plus many more...


  • - Apply for whitlisted jobs
  • - UK Themed
  • - Extra cars
  • - Sell drugs to npc's
  • - Blackmarket
  • - Extra starting money
  • - Regular updates