- Accept

The accept command is for servers that have accept mode enabled this forces you to read the rules and acknowledge them by typing > !accept < should you be in the servers block list this command will not work for you and you will be blocked from joining the rest of the server. If the command doesnt work for you, you will be sent a message informing you why. LushBot has many features embeded into this command to stop users joining during a raid etc.


There are a few configurable options for LushBots AFK settings, You can view its settings by typing:


Should you type while AFK is enabled LushBot will automatically disable your AFK status, soon this will be an option.

Command usage:

!afk on

!afk off

By default your AFK message is set to: > your name here < Is currently AFK!

!afk message (type your own reply)

When setting your custom message you are not aloud to mention other members and if a server admin decides its unsuitable they have the ability to reset it.

- Self Role For Colours

The server owner has the option to create coloured roles that are self assignable. If your server has configured these roles you can add them yourself by using the below commands:

!crole dark red

If you already have a coloured role it will remove it and set your new one. You can also remove all colours by typing the below command:

!crole remove

- Support Ticket

If the server has the support ticket module enabled you can submit a ticket with ease to get your issue resolved quickly.

Command usage:

!ticket create (supply as much information as possible)

!ticket complete - This command must be used in the channel created for your ticket.

!ticket complete @user - This command must be used by a staff member and can be used in any channel.

- Server Reports

You can report other users by typing > !report < this will show you the information you need, After that you need to open a dm with LushBot as that is the only way that you can currently report another user. All you have to do is send the bot a message saying 'report' and follow the replies for a succesful report.

- Reminder

If your forgetful and would like LushBot to help you you can set reminders but dont worry if our bot goes offline (it doesnt) your reminder will be loaded as soon as it is back online. Command usage:
!reminder (time in: s || h || m) (your text here)