- BanSync & KickSync

BanSync & KickSync have been configured to stop server raiders in their paths, Once enabled these features will monitor your server for anyone who is banned or kicked from any other LushBot servers. Should a user match in the database the same will happen in your server and will show you the original reason.

Throughout testing this function has proven to work instantly. In the future we plan to let you add servers to sync against ie a friends server.

Command usage:

!automod bansync on/off || !automod kicksync on/off

- Block

The block command is similar to mute it locks a user to the welcome channel, If there is no welcome channel all channels are removewd for that user.

Command Usage:

!block @user

If the user is not in your server you can block them using their ID like the below example:

!block id (Enter user ID)

If you mention a user or a users ID that exists in the block list it will be removed. You can view the blick list using the below command:

!block list

- Auto Ban/Kick

This command allows you to automatically kick or ban people once they reach a certain number of warnings or mutes, This is count is not altered by auto moderation.

Command Usage:

!automod autoban (on/off)

!automod autokick (on/off)

You can also change how many times a user is warned or muted before the auto moderation carries through with its setting, You can set the amounts following the guide below.

!automod kickwarn (number)

!automod kickmute (number)

!automod banwarn (number)

!automod banmute (number)

If you would like to autoban people without the kick feature then set the number to 0 and LushBot will ignore it.

- Accept Mode

This module forces new members to read your rules and acknowloedge them by typing !accept. Once the module has been enabled all dependancies will be created. Should a user be in your block list it will not allow them to use this command and locks them out of your server.

- LushBot Prefix

The default prefix for LushBot is '!' if you would like to change it use the command below:

!config prefix ?

- Support Tickets

LushBot has a ticket feature that by default is disabled, This can be changed depending on your liking.
Command usage:

!config ticket (on/off)

- Log Settings

LushBot allows you to change the log settings for your server, There are 3 options and as default it is set to moderation.

Command usgae:

!config log (all || moderation || off)

- New Members

There is a setting that allows you to change the status of new members (accept mode must be enabled). Once accept mode is enabled you can change between 2 settings on or off.

Command usage:

!config newmembers (on || off)