Moderation Commands & Events

LushBot has been built on the idea of having one bot for everything. Currently under development we thought allowing other to use its current features will allow for suggestions, and improvements made.

LushBot can monitor your server quietly in the background, We have tried to make it as easy as possible to be configured to your liking allowing you freedom to make it blend in with your server.

We are using the ! prefix as that is the default setting, You can change yours by typing !conifg prefix >your prefix here<

- BanSync & KickSync

BanSync & KickSync have been configured to stop server raiders in their paths, Once enabled these features will monitor your server for anyone who is banned or kicked from any other LushBot servers. Should a user match in the databse the same will happen in your server and will show you the original reason.

Throughout testing this function has proven to work instantly. In the future we plan to let you add servers to sync against ie a friends server.

You can change this setting by typing: !config bansync on/off or !config kicksync on/off

- ban

Bans a member from your server, This uses standard discord permissions with a few protections built in so server staff cannot ban any admins.

Command uses:

!ban @user < reason > || !ban < user ID > < reason >

- Block

The block command requires the accept module to be enabled to have any effect, although this will change in the future. Using the block command you can stop people having access to your server but keeps your member count up (should they stay looking at 1 channel they cant use).

Command uses:

!block add @user || !block add < user ID >

!block list - Shows the members on the block list.

!block remove @user || !block remove < user ID >

*If a member has left the server you will need their ID from the block list mentioned above.

- Config

The config command is the main part of integrating LushBot to your server, Due to the features of this command a new page is currently being made to explain each part for you. In the future there are plans to allow these settings to be changed on our website.

Should you need help with the config command type:

!config help || !config

- Raid Mode

Raid mode has been made as a quick fix for server raiders, Once enabled it will send a message to a channel you choose using the !config command and then remove any messages sent unless the author of the message has specified discord permissions.

Due to the success of this feature soon we will be adding an option to automute anyone who sends a message once it has been enabled.

To enable or disable this command simply type:

!raid - This will automatically change the settings and send a message to notify server users of its current status.

- Role

Add or remove a users roles with the below commands:

!role @user @role || !role @user < spell the role here > || !role < user ID > @role

- Coloured Roles

The coloured roles command has been made due to the amount of server owners who need to add them for their members, Now instead of the painstaking proccess of creating them yourself we made a command that will create 43 coloured roles to save you the time of doing it yourself.

Command use:

!colouredroles - And follow the prompts that appear in chat.