Moderation Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !ban - Ban a user from your server.
  • !block - Block a user from accessing your server (requires the accept module).
  • !config - Change various server settings.
  • !raid - Quickly stop raiders by removing their messages (auto mute and more options coming soon)
  • !role - Add or remove a role from a mentioned user.
  • !colouredroles - Create all the coloured roles you will need


The default prefix is !
  • !8ball - Ask LushBot a question.
  • !accept - Accept a servers rules (requires accept module).
  • !afk - Turn on/off your afk status, Also set your own reply.
  • !avatar - Display your avatar or mention a user to view theirs.
  • !botinfo - View detailed information about LushBot.
  • !dice - Roll the dice.
  • !joke - Receive a random joke.
  • !level - View your level or tag a user to view theirs.
  • !randomfact - Receive a random fact.
  • !ticket - Create a support ticket (requires the ticket module)