Server Settings

The default prefix is !
  • !automod - Change various automatic settings from BanSync to Accept Mode.
  • !channels - Set the channels where LushBot will send messages. For example a log channel.
  • !config - Configure various settings for LushBot including a welcome message.
  • !colouredroles - Create 43 coloured roles for your server.

Moderation Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !ban - Ban a user from your server.
  • !softban - Ban and unban a user to remove there messages.
  • !kick - Kick a user from your server.
  • !lockdown - Lock a channel for a specified amount of time.
  • !mute - Mute a user in your server.
  • !prune/purge - Delete a users messages by tagging them or type the command and a number. (Max 100)
  • !raid - Enable raid mode until you find the person responsible.
  • !complete - This is to be used once a member has filed a report against another user.
  • !role - Assign or remove a role from a mentioned user.
  • !unmute - unmute a mentioned user.
  • !warn - warn a mentioned user.

User Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !accept - This is only needed if the server has the accept module enabled.
  • !afk - Enable/Disable AFK mode or set a custom reply for when your tagged.
  • !colour - Assign yourself a coloured role created by LushBot.
  • !ticket - Create a ticket (requires tickets to be enabled), Or close an open ticket.
  • !report - Sends all the required information to report a user. Reports are handled via DM's.
  • !reminder - Set yourself a reminder and specify a time.

Fun Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !8ball - Ask LushBot a question.
  • !avatar - View your avatar or tag a user to see theirs.
  • !cat - View a random picture of a cat.
  • !dice - Roll the dice.
  • !dog - View a random picture of a dog.
  • !joke - Feeling down? Let LushBot tell you a joke.
  • !level - View your chat level or tag a user to compare the results.
  • !meme - View a random meme.
  • !randomfact - Want to learn something new? Get a random fact from LushBot.
  • !urban - Find the urban definition of a word.

Music Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !play - Search for and play a song.
  • !pause - Pause the current playlist.
  • !queue - View the music queue.
  • !resume - Continue listening to the current playlist.
  • !search - Search youtube for a song.
  • !skip - Skip the current song.
  • !stop - Stops the current playlist.
  • !volume - alter the volume of LushBot.

Info Commands

The default prefix is !
  • !botinfo - View all the information about LushBot.
  • !help - view the help page of type !help >command< To view more info.